Outdoor Fireplaces, Fire Pits and Ovens Made Easier

By Steve Pirie (Sales, Plymouth Quarries)

Spending time entertaining in your back yard is nothing new. Construct a patio, pull out your portable grille and you have a great little area to enjoy the outdoors. When the sun goes down and it starts to get chilly, put on a sweater (hope you have enough for your guests) or pack it up and go inside (will your guests think it's your way of saying the evening is over?).

Here's a better idea: construct a patio and add a real fireplace. Then, instead of handing out sweaters or going inside to sit by the light of the lamp at the end of the couch, have everyone stay comfortably right where they are. Get a fire going in your outdoor fireplace and enjoy the relaxing glow of the dancing flames and the warmth they provide. Put on another log. Nobody's going anywhere soon.

Outdoor fireplaces seem to be on everyone's wish list as more and more people are realizing how much they can add to the outdoor experience. Stone Age Manufacturing has answered the call by simplifying the construction of that dream outdoor fireplace for masons and do-it-yourselfers.

The Stone Age Fireplace is a quality, well designed kit that is made of solid, temperature resistant materials that you can trust to give you years of pleasure. Stone Age Fireplaces are tested to meet or exceed UL-127 and UL-103 standards. Their elegant, yet simple designs work well in outdoor conditions with very little spillage of smoke into the viewing area (a problem not uncommon in lesser fireplaces).

Once your Stone Age Fireplace is built, it is ready to be faced, choosing from our wide selection of Natural Thin Stone Veneers.

There is nothing like the enjoyment of an outdoor fireplace. There is nothing like a Stone Age Fireplace.

Or, perhaps your taste leans more toward the open fire, friends gathered around the circle of warmth. The good, old-fashioned fire pit is always a pleaser.
But, no longer is the fire pit a hole in the ground surrounded by rocks gathered from the outer edges of your property. Stone Age Fire Pits come in simple, easy to assemble round or square kits that sit above ground. Accessories such as log grates and cooking grates can be added to increase their function.

When finished with Natural Thin Stone Veneer, these fire pits by Stone Age are transformed into the "center piece" of any patio.

Those who know pizza know there is nothing like a pizza cooked in an oven heated by a wood fire. The flavor, the crispy crust makes your mouth water.

Now you don't need to go out to get the best pizza in town with a Stone Age Pizza Oven.
You can choose from two sizes. Each oven kit contains (5) pieces comprised of the bottom, top, two ends and chimney. The kits also include all of the firebrick needed and the metal door. (High temperature mortar is available to complete the construction.) Stone Age makes available a storage cabinet kit that fits beneath the oven or you can simply use standard concrete block to raise the oven to the desired height.

As with every Stone Age kit, the Stone Age Pizza Oven is made from quality, temperature-resistant materials so you'll be enjoying flavorful, home-cooked pizza or other tasty dishes for years to come.

For those who dream of that "total outdoor kitchen experience made easy," Stone Age offers
their Stone Age Cabinet Component System. These Cabinet kits feature Stone Age's patent- pending, steel and fiberglass reinforced concrete panels and bracket system that simplify the building process, lowering labor costs, while giving your outdoor kitchen strength and durability. Kits may be combined or modified to create your own unique design. Once assembled, they are ready to be finished in Thin Stone Veneer (thin brick veneers are also available).

You don't need to wait any longer to plan for your outdoor Fireplace, Fire Pit, Pizza Oven and Cabinets....all in kit form....all by Stone Age....all at Plymouth Quarries.

Please note that, as part of your planning, you should check your Local Building Codes.


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