Plymouth Quarries is committed to the ongoing stone and products education. Wheather you are a contractor, designer, architect, student or homeowner we are a resource to answer any questions you have.

Locally we support the vo-tech high schools such as South Shore Tech High in Hanover, MA. And Weymouth High in Weymouth, MA. Our ongoing tours for high school, undergrad and graduate students studying architecture, landscape and construction management bring in hundreds of students over the year.
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RISD"Derek and Dean provide wonderfully informative tours of Plymouth Quarries for young and emerging landscape architecture students. They are incredibly generous with their time and resources and genuinely interested in fostering stronger relationships between students, designers, masons, and stone quarries. Their diverse experience in the field allows for them to engage in conversations about materials and design from multiple perspectives. Each year we look forward to visiting Plymouth Quarries to learn about their new practices in sustainability, material sourcing, and stone processing. Derek and Dean are a wonderful resource for anyone looking to learn more about stone and the various ways it can be implemented in architectural and landscape design.”

Gavin Zeitz, RISD Landscape Architecture Department - Lecturer in Material Logic



Current Offerings:

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A recent class taught by Derek Stearns of Plymouth Quarries bottom row middle


Application & Design

Saturday Jan 25th 8am - 10am

Saturday Feb 1st 8am - 10am

Saturday Feb 22nd 8am-10am


This free One Day Class covers:

• Proper installation procedures for any situation

• Joint size and grout options

• Tips on cutting veneers

• Creating blends

• Selling the job



Working for yourself is all consuming between meeting clients, estimating, design, installation, payroll and keeping your equipment repaired. Learn a basic business budget to help you run your company.

Saturday Feb 1st 10 am - 12pm


This free One Day Class covers:

• Breaking down your business to a daily cost

• Estimating to meet that daily cost

• Profits

• Field productivity